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About Our Founders

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Heart Of A Legend was birthed from the heart and vision of Larry and Diane Holmes.

Larry and Diane have never taken their blessings for granted.  They have always been thankful to God and appreciative of the fans who loving named Larry, "The People's Champ.

  This dynamic duo has always been family orientated and supporters of their community.  

They launched their non-profit organization as a means to continue to be involved in their local community and to also extend their reach beyond the city limits of their hometown of Easton Pennsylvania.

Larry is still a champ at heart, a lover of people, laughter, and fun.  Together the Lady and the Champ hosts fundraising events with the ultimate goal of raising much-needed funds for the better good of humanity, but they are just as committed to doing it all while having fun in a spirit of love and unity.

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