is 501c3 non-profit organization

The word legend is defined as "a famous or important person who is known for doing something extremely well'.  The Heart of A Legend transcends beyond the physical ability of a person, but operates on the premise of the heart.


No one achieves greatness without the help, support and even cheers of others.  But what makes a person great is their recognition of the help received and striving to make things better for another.The Heart of A Legend is a non-profit organization dedicated to beautifying the city of Easton Pennsylvania. 

Heart of a Legend donates computers to Third Street Alliance in Easton

Former heavyweight boxing champion Larry Holmes speaks with kids in the child care program at Third Street Alliance in Easton. Heart of a Legend, the foundation run by Holmes' family, donated computers to Third Street Alliance for Women and Children in Easton on Sept. 29, 2016. The computers and tablets will be used by children in the nonprofit agency's child care and after-school programs.

Heart Of A Legend, Inc.  P O Box 4059 - Easton Pa 18043