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Our Mission

“Enhance the well-being of individuals and families, assist with hardships, empower and encourage the next generation of leaders to dream big and build productive futures.”

Our Actions & Commitments

Since 2015, Heart of A Legend, Inc. has partnered with local organizations such as The Third Street Alliance ad Safe Harbor helping them financially with donations and extending support to impact the lives of the homeless, sick, hungry, and impoverished.


Within the last four years, we have extended our focus to include donations to the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation and the American Diabetes Association. We are also very proud of our “personal touch initiatives,” which entail us extending resources directly to individual families dealing with diabetes or who have a child diagnosed with cancer.


The heart of our organization beats for the sole purpose of helping people whose lives and livelihoods have been shattered by illness or personal disaster. Through donations and spirited fundraising events, we have maximized our efforts to support critical causes, locally and beyond.


Our legend, Larry Holmes, his wife, and his children all grew up locally, so we maintain a soft spot for the children in our local community. Year after year, we faithfully spearhead initiatives awarding educational honors and community giveaways to inspire today’s youth to explore, learn, and grow.


We are intentional about laying a foundation for brighter futures.

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